Touchless Boat Covers

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quality boat coversTouchless Boat Covers

Eliminate the hassle of an old fashioned boat cover. Push a button and walk away

The Touchless Boat Cover is truly the world’s easiest Automatic Boat Cover and protection system available on the market. Eliminating all the hassles of a conventional boat cover, The Touchless Boat Cover’s patented, remote controlled or one touch design and Marine grade construction has earned its recognition as the most pristine, durable Boat Covering system ever manufactured.

Unparalleled and superior to any traditional custom cover, mooring cover, canopy, or awnings, the Touchless Boat Covers have been developed as the automatic, hands free cover for just about every boat application.

The simple one touch of a button (remote or switch) allows for a smooth, fast and convenient means of maximum protection. Imagine the relief of dealing with tradition boat covers, tarps, snaps, hooks or struggling with enormous weighing fabric sides or sun shades for boats. Simply push a button and the cover raises and lowers. It’s that easy.

Our unmatched protective covering system has evolved from the permanent boat Dock in conjunction with such lifts as Ace, Hefty Hoist, Doozie, Hydro hoist, Demco, Pickwick of the South ,To the mechanical lifts brands such as Shoremaster, Shorestation, Sunstream ,Hewitt, Floe, RGC, Great Lakes Lifts, Starr, Summit, Basta and many more freestanding lifts used in the Mid-west and Northern states.

Forget the Sun fading to any vulnerable area of gel coat not sufficiently protected when parked under a canopy, roof structure, or exposed from conventional inferior boat covers. This Cover will deliver the true full coverage from all the harmful, damaging UV Rays and insure your boat is in showroom condition for as long as you have it under the cover.

With over 14 years of development and all the numerous applications throughout the world, we have a model to fit your needs.

Touchless Water Craft Covers

Convenience for your Personal Water Craft

Protect your personal water craft with the same convenience and security as your boat with The Touchless Cover™. A simple button press raises The Touchless Cover™ allowing for quick, hassle-free access to your wave runner or jet-ski. With 360-degrees of accessibility, you can ski in and jet out. And the sturdy, rugged cover provides great overhead protection. Nothing could be easier.

The Touchless Cover™ requires no special tools for assembly. Operation and accessibility is easy, utilizing a smooth, one-touch remote controlled coverage system.

Built to withstand the elements, The Touchless Cover™ is available in a variety of color options, including two-tone. Limited Five-Year Warranty is standard. See dealer for complete details.

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